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Through my many years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech and pharmaceutical supplier industry, I am familiar with the language and the patterns of thinking. It's not about evaluation, but the creative approach to problems.




I support you with all passion!




Some examples:


  • I implement the idea of ​​sales in your company. Selling does not mean "persuading". A good salesperson listens more than talking for himself!
  • I sell highly complex products and services. Take the customer with you. Do not confuse him with too many details. What is relevant for the customer? How do I really differentiate myself from the competitor?
  • Creating trust does not happen overnight. Smart networking is essential! Make more use of social media! These must be strategically integrated. Reserve capacities for this! I also work with selected partners here.
  • Create options! There is not "the" way! Only an open error culture and the willingness to learn from it pave the way for successful sales strategies.
  • Prioritize correctly! Which actions have the greatest benefit with the least amount of effort (80/20 rule).
  • Stay inspired! Or will you! I help you as a mental coach!
  • Dare to be authentic. We are not only officials, but above all people!
  • The sooner you take the sales seriously, the sooner the success will come! Here continuity counts for blind actionism!
  • Depend on your customers' decision-making processes (who decides for what reason, defensive decisions often play a big role).
  • Allow diversity of opinion. Only a cooperative management style leads in my view to new perspectives and sustainable success.
  • Visions can help to strengthen the identity of a company and its employees. However, the involvement of employees is crucial for this.




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